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Children, Adolescents & Family Therapy

Dr. Michelson has provided the most comprehensive evaluation and therapy for children, adolescents, families, and adults to resolve stress and to balance their busy lives for almost forty years. In developing new skills and strategies through therapy, clients are able to realize their greater potential with reduced stress.

Anxiety, Mood Disorders & Trauma

The intensity and demands of today’s world impact people, young and old, in many ways that can be expressed as different forms of anxiety as well as depression. Under prolonged and acute stress, such experiences can escalate into trauma. Dr. Michelson has spent almost years of clinical practice developing multi-modal therapeutic techniques to resolve such concerns.

ADHD & Executive Function Disorders

Sorting out the complex and differential diagnostic questions that might be viewed as either ADHD or Executive Function challenges from anxiety, depression and trauma has been a well-recognized specialty of Dr. Michelson for almost twenty five years.

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